I just realized that it has been over a month since I last posted… Time sure flies by when you’re watching Netflix and being bored… Sorry about that.

Not much has been going on really. The only thing I can think of is that two weeks ago I helped out with a summer theater camp and had to teach Jackson 5’s “ABC” to twelve 5-7 year olds… Let me tell you, that was a challenge. But in the end, it turned out really good. I may or may not have cried a little.

But yeah… that’s pretty much all that’s been going on other than working.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I can now talk with my boyfriend!! It’s made being without him a little easier but not much. I can’t wait until he comes back in a few months… even though that’s still a while away…

So yeah… now I’m just getting ready to leave for school in about a month, working to pay tuition, and shopping on Amazon like nobody’s business.

I’ll try my best to update my posts more often.

Until next time!


Wake Me Up When It’s All Over…

Today has been nothing better than bad… I feel like everyone is cranky because it’s cold in June… and it’s raining… So naturally, everyone is in a bad mood. After a long and stressful day at work, I’m glad that I have internet, a Netflix account, and a bowl full of ice cream.

But there has been one thing on my mind that I haven’t been able stop thinking of… Chase. I probably didn’t mention his name in my previous blogs, but he’s my boyfriend… who is in the Air Force. After a month or so of not talking to him, he called two days ago and yesterday. It was the best ten minutes of my entire month! All I want to do now is talk to him but I realize that is difficult since he is on an air base with no access to a phone. In a few days he’ll be graduating from BMT and move on to his Tech training… Hopefully we’ll get more time to talk… There aren’t even enough words to describe how much I miss him.

But I’ve been keeping myself busy the past few days. My best friend is working on a project and has to paint like, thirty pictures and they are due soon. So I’ve been helping with painting and I got to say, I’m not that bad… but I’m no artist either. I had to paint portraits and creepy landscapes and I think I did pretty well.

ALSO… my friends and I are planning a road trip to Canada later this summer. I’m excited to go but there’s one thing I’m worried about… Money…. but then again, who isn’t? I know I have a good paying job and make a decent amount of money, but I also have college to pay for (and let’s be honest, I’m probably going to be in debt for the rest of my life). I feel like I should save the money for next year… After all, the money I spend on the trip could pay for room and board at my school. I’m going to have to think about this…

Other than that, that’s what I’ve been up to so far this week… Nothing too special but hey, we all can’t live super exciting lives all the time… and I’m good with what I have.

Until next time!

It’s been a Hard Day’s Night…

… and I’ve been working like a dog… sort of. I apologize for the cheesy title but it pretty much sums up my work life. Although it was busy tonight, it seemed like time would not go faster… But I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Saturday’s shift goes by so much faster than any other shift.

But now I’m home and chilling out. It’s just been a long day in general. After working out this morning, I had to pick up my sister from school early because she had prom today. It was like walking into a zoo. Everything was so chaotic. Parents were confused, students just wanted to go get ready for prom… I just wanted to get the heck out of there before I had a panic attack. But we got out of there pretty quickly thanks to our neighbor who works as a secretary person at the school. After that, my best friend wanted to take pictures of me for a fashion blog that she’s doing this summer. I don’t consider myself fashionable… I mean, I do dress nicely when I go out because I don’t want to look like a hobo, but it’s nothing that special… But it was nice of her to ask me. It was fun taking pictures and being my weird self 😛 (p.s. when she sends me the link to her blog, I’ll put it up… in case if any one is interested)

Now I just got off work and I’m here… Drinking green tea, about to watch a few episodes of The Carrie Diaries on Netflix, and sitting in my pajamas… I’d say I’m pretty comfortable… so comfortable I just might fall asleep at any momexcnlzncccccccccccccccc

Just kidding… But for real though… I’m exhausted!

I’m going to go before I make myself look even more like a weirdo.

Until next time!

Hello Again

So it’s been about a year since I last blogged… I’m not even going to apologize for not blogging because I didn’t actually think I would use it again after my communications class in high school. I don’t even know how I remembered about my blog but I thought that writing again may help to keep me from being bored as I’m here on summer vacation. I guess I should go into some sort of details about what I’ve been up to lately.

Well, I survived my freshman year of college… barely. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being away at college and learning things that I couldn’t have being home with my parents. The classes weren’t really that hard either. I guess I struggled with balancing my study schedule with my social schedule… but that changed quickly after finding out that I wasn’t passing a class I needed for my major half way through the semester. There wasn’t any down time for me after that. I was either going to class, doing the drama ministry, or studying. Next semester is going to be worse… 18 credits and no social life what so ever…  But who needs I social life in college?

All the studying paid off though. I ended the class with a b- so praise God! Now, I’m doing what every college kid does so they can get along in life… Working. I got a job at a fancy restuarant that is literally two minutes away from my house. I could ride my bike there if I wanted to (but I don’t). Not only do I make money now, but I also don’t have to spend half of it on gas! Yay!

So that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing for the past three weeks I’ve been home. Well, that and miss the crap out of my boyfriend. I’m pretty sure I didn’t talk about him in any of my older posts (mainly because those were for school). Well, he’s in the Air Force and he’s been in basic training for about six weeks. I haven’t really talked to him since he left because when he calls, I’m alway at work and I haven’t gotten any letters from him since I got home from school. I miss him so much though. I’m trying to be strong but sometimes it’s really hard. I know he’ll be back though… it’s just going to be a while.

I’m not quite sure how much I’m going to post, whether it’s going to be everyday, every other day, or once a week. I promise that it won’t be a year though… there will be too much to talk about.

Until next time!

The Finale

Well, this year is coming to a close. I can’t believe I’m graduating in a little more than a week! And I learned so much in my communication class.

The first and most important thing I learned this year is how to not be a bully online and how to avoid being a victim. We even created an anti-bully pledge that our entire school signed to go against cyberbullying.

After learning about how to not be a bully, each person established the persona we wanted online on our blogs (which is the one I am currently writing on now J ). We learned that by establishing a positive persona, people will enjoy reading and watching what we have to say. I also enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and creating my own for everyone to see. I also learned that you should double check what you write. If you misspell things or give false information, you can lose your credibility among your viewers.

We then moved to the Twitter. Yay! I had a blast learning how to use Twitter and how we can use it to pass on information that people should hear about. Although my friend seems to like tagging me in pictures with snakes… I appreciate it, Pooja :P.  

And then there was the Youtube Unit. This was the most fun because we actually had the chance to make videos and post them online. I also enjoyed watching videos like movie trailers, how-to videos on how to bake, and watching cool science videos.

Other videos we watched were TED videos. I loved watching the different science videos and discussions that the people have. The one I will most remember is the one where Shane Koyczan recites his poem on bullying. It truly opened my eyes and let me go inside the mind of someone who is bullied.

Next year in college, I will use social media like Twitter to get in contact with friends, classmates, and my professors. In my career, I plan on using it to connect with other science researchers to collaborate on our work to find cures for the different diseases that suck… Like cancer…. cancer is blah 😛

It’s been a great year and I’m sad to go but I’m ready for everything life has for me both on and offline.


Gaelyn Lyons ❤

Let’s Be Socially Active!

Today is senior take over day… Yay!! My peers are here to “teach” for our teachers but we all know that they are really here to give up food and let us chill.

But that’s not what this post is going to be about. It’s more towards a certain class. It’s the one that teaches topics that most school wouldn’t allow. It’s the class that teaches you to be safe online. It’s the class that is the reason for why I have this blog. It’s my Communication in the 21st century class.

Today’s topic is how this class has helped us become social activists. Being in this class has exposed me to news around the world that I would not have known about under usual circumstances. It teaches us to be socially active. To be socially active, it means that you do things online that brings about a positive message. By doing this you can create awareness about topics that most people may not know about or may not understand.

By being in this class, I learn about how to be safe online and how to have a positive persona online. By doing this, what I say will be more credible and people will most likely listen to what I have to say. There are many things I would like to say to the people. I want to bring up ideas of creating safer neighborhoods and the idea of human trafficking. This is a huge problem that is going on in the world that people don’t know is happening.

By taking this class, I learned of the ways that I can give a voice to my thoughts online… And it’s something that I will use for the rest of my life.

My Past Few Months in a Nutshell.

It’s April, guys! You know what that means? Only three more months of school and I’m out! I am finally out of high school and ready to get to college! 🙂

                To be honest, this year has gone by so fast. Wasn’t it just September 9th last week? It feels like it was. But SO much has happened since then. I’ve been accepted to colleges, which is awesome! All my work has paid off and it surely shows with the scholarships that I have received so far. I’m so blessed!

                What makes it even better is that I was accepted to my first choice school!! They also gave me almost half my tuition in scholarship. I couldn’t believe it when I got the letter. It was definitely an answer to my family’s and my prayers. The only thing we need to focus on now is the other half of the tuition along with a handful of other things that are stressing me out but it’s whatever. It’s been a crazy ride and I know I’ll end up exactly wherever God wants me to be.

                I also went to my second concert last weekend. My friends and I went to see Gavin Degraw and Parachute on Friday. I think we fan-girled a little too much but in our defense, Parachute is such a good band and Gavin Degraw is AMAZING live! We are already trying to plan on going to another concert soon. I can’t wait!!

                Now looking into the future, next month I have my check-up MRI. In all honesty, I’m a little scared. I know last results is hasn’t changed since August but still. The fact that it grew at all in the past five years scares me.

                But Before that, I’m going to PROM!!! I’m so excited!! Senior prom is going to be a blast. It was really sweet how my boyfriend asked me… and it seems like the entire school knew what was going on except for me. But to make it even sweeter, he did it on Valentine’s Day. Throughout the day, I found roses with hints on where the next one was in my classes, my locker, and even with teachers. At the end of the day, I go to my locker and he is standing there in a purple dress shirt and had a rose and a box of chocolates. And mind you, I hadn’t seen him at all that day and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. It made me really glad to see him. When I opened my locker, on the inside of the door is read “Prom?” and there was another rose and a stuffed bunny in there. To be honest, I pretty much cried. And of course I said yes. J

                So it’s been a pretty busy and amazing year so far. And I’m excited to see what the last three months of school will bring.

                Hope you guys all have a nice day! 🙂