The Finale

Well, this year is coming to a close. I can’t believe I’m graduating in a little more than a week! And I learned so much in my communication class.

The first and most important thing I learned this year is how to not be a bully online and how to avoid being a victim. We even created an anti-bully pledge that our entire school signed to go against cyberbullying.

After learning about how to not be a bully, each person established the persona we wanted online on our blogs (which is the one I am currently writing on now J ). We learned that by establishing a positive persona, people will enjoy reading and watching what we have to say. I also enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and creating my own for everyone to see. I also learned that you should double check what you write. If you misspell things or give false information, you can lose your credibility among your viewers.

We then moved to the Twitter. Yay! I had a blast learning how to use Twitter and how we can use it to pass on information that people should hear about. Although my friend seems to like tagging me in pictures with snakes… I appreciate it, Pooja :P.  

And then there was the Youtube Unit. This was the most fun because we actually had the chance to make videos and post them online. I also enjoyed watching videos like movie trailers, how-to videos on how to bake, and watching cool science videos.

Other videos we watched were TED videos. I loved watching the different science videos and discussions that the people have. The one I will most remember is the one where Shane Koyczan recites his poem on bullying. It truly opened my eyes and let me go inside the mind of someone who is bullied.

Next year in college, I will use social media like Twitter to get in contact with friends, classmates, and my professors. In my career, I plan on using it to connect with other science researchers to collaborate on our work to find cures for the different diseases that suck… Like cancer…. cancer is blah 😛

It’s been a great year and I’m sad to go but I’m ready for everything life has for me both on and offline.


Gaelyn Lyons ❤


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