It’s been a Hard Day’s Night…

… and I’ve been working like a dog… sort of. I apologize for the cheesy title but it pretty much sums up my work life. Although it was busy tonight, it seemed like time would not go faster… But I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Saturday’s shift goes by so much faster than any other shift.

But now I’m home and chilling out. It’s just been a long day in general. After working out this morning, I had to pick up my sister from school early because she had prom today. It was like walking into a zoo. Everything was so chaotic. Parents were confused, students just wanted to go get ready for prom… I just wanted to get the heck out of there before I had a panic attack. But we got out of there pretty quickly thanks to our neighbor who works as a secretary person at the school. After that, my best friend wanted to take pictures of me for a fashion blog that she’s doing this summer. I don’t consider myself fashionable… I mean, I do dress nicely when I go out because I don’t want to look like a hobo, but it’s nothing that special… But it was nice of her to ask me. It was fun taking pictures and being my weird self 😛 (p.s. when she sends me the link to her blog, I’ll put it up… in case if any one is interested)

Now I just got off work and I’m here… Drinking green tea, about to watch a few episodes of The Carrie Diaries on Netflix, and sitting in my pajamas… I’d say I’m pretty comfortable… so comfortable I just might fall asleep at any momexcnlzncccccccccccccccc

Just kidding… But for real though… I’m exhausted!

I’m going to go before I make myself look even more like a weirdo.

Until next time!


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