About the Wanderer

Hello there! I’m glad you’ve stumbled across my blog and have dedicated a few minutes of your time to read about my one-of-a-kind life. Just so you know, no one in this world will ever walk the same journey I will. You won’t walk my journey and I won’t walk yours, although we can walk it together if you’d like.
Each of us has a calling… some just find it sooner than others. Either way, we are all wandering through this thing called life… And a beautiful thing it is.
So if you’d like to know about my sojourn through this life, read on. If not, I understand. You have your own story to unveil… And what ever it is, it will be amazing!
So this is my adventure and I’d like to share it with you… It’s a work in process but I’m 100% sure the endpoint will be wonderful.
Until next time!


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