Playing Hide-and-Seek with 370

The first time I heard about the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, I was on the way to an eye appointment with my mother. I thought it was strange that an airplane that was carrying  200+ people would just vanish into thin air (Get it? Air as in airplane? Haha!! Okay I’m done).

                But in all seriousness, there have been many theories to what happened to the plane and where it is now. The first theory I heard was that this was the doing of terrorists. The authorities found out that there were two men under false aliases who boarded the plane. After much investigation, it was concluded that these two men were just migrating to Germany.

                Another theory of what happened was that the plane actually landed on an island. Where it landed, I’m not quite sure they know. But they widened the search to look in the Indian Ocean.

                I don’t know why this incident seems so appealing to me. Maybe it’s just me wanting a good conspiracy. My dad and I love conspiracies! We read The Da Vinci Code and anything by Tom Clancy , we watch movies like National Treasure , and love to enjoy shows like 24 (which is having a spin-off series coming out in May… SO EXCITED!!). The idea that there might be something bigger planned gets me excited and on the edge of my seat.

                This incident also reminds me of the case of Amelia Earhart. I remember learning she was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean on her own. During one of her expeditions, her plane went missing and was never found. People say she went into the Bermuda Triangle and then disappeared. But that’s just conspiracy.  😉

                But whatever is going on with this missing plane, I just hope they find it soon. I can’t help but think about the families of the passengers who are missing. I pray that they all with have comfort and peace in this time. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to lose a loved one like that.


Say Cheese!

When you first hear about it, lifelogging sounds pretty cool. I mean, who wouldn’t want a camera to take pictures of thing you do throughout your day The best part would be you having those pictures to go back and remember what you did. But then again, you have a camera phone for that.

To be honest, after reading an article about these lifelogging cameras, it kind of freaks me out. I don’t want people unknowingly taking pictures of me without my knowledge and I’m sure others wouldn’t want me to do the same. I feel like it’s a violation of my privacy, especially if I’m having one of those days where it looks like I just rolled out of bed (and to be honest, I tend to have a lot of those).

I can see the good in it though. You can document what you did on your first date or take pictures of your baby’s first steps without actually snapping the shutter. Memories are captured in a blink of an eye and without any thought… But that’s where it can become dangerous.

By not knowing what you’re taking pictures of, you can capture things you may not mean to. You can take pictures of confidential documents and invade other people’s privacy. I’m sure the customers who you’re serving at Olive Garden or Target won’t appreciate having their picture taken while they are ordering chicken parmesan or buying bunny slippers for their grandmother.

If you do have the desire to own one of these lifelogging cameras, it would be best to tell the people you come into contact with that their picture is being taken every 30 seconds. It’s only the polite thing to do.

I think that these devices should also have an on/off switch. By allowing the camera to be on at certain times can help with the invasion of privacy but you should still notify the person that they camera is on and they’re picture is being taken.

I’m glad that technology is evolving. It’s helping out our fellow man and creating a better tomorrow. But what we do with it is was we need to watch out for. We need to be able to control technology and when we do, everyone is happy.

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

                I recently came across a tweet about a man who was beaten to death by police officers. I clicked the link and began to read the article but I wasn’t able to finish it because of my fury. It made me angry to read that police officers would go to the extreme to “neutralize the threat.” Did they really have to beat the man up into submission? The answer is no.

                The purpose of the authorities is to protect and honor their country. I don’t know much about how police officers are trained but I have a feeling it does not include beating up innocent people. How are we supposed to feel safe if even our police are beating us up?

                A few nights ago at dinner, I told my family about the article I read. We went into discussion about how there are some law enforcers who do misuse their power. For example, my mom and I were driving home from school. As we drove, we were passed by a police car with their lights flashing and sirens blaring. We then saw it turn into the parking lot to a donut shop and the lights turned off… Thank you for proving that you are a stereotypical police officer! Seriously… I’m not kidding. That really did happen.

                I believe that the authorities should step up to their promises and use their power for good. All this news about people being shot for no reason or being beaten up for nothing is getting a little ridiculous. Let’s use our power for good and make a better society!

Stop the Bully!

Cyberbullying has become a HUGE issue today. Many students are being harassed online and it feels like no one is doing anything about it. There have been many cases where kids are going to the extremes and committing suicide due to the torture they have to endure not only in the world, but also online.

This needs to stop! We need to take action against these bullies and do something about it.

I’m sure you’re asking “But how can we do that?”

Fear not! There are ways to avoid becoming a victim and avoid becoming a bully.

How to not be a victim:

  1. If you receive a message that is mean or hurtful, do not respond back by attacking your attacker. Not only does it make things worse, but you also become a bully.
  2. Print out any posts that are hurtful. By doing this, you have documentation of the harassment and can provide evidence of the posts
  3. Do not become friends with someone line that you do not know.
  4. Make sure you are aware of people who are taking pictures of you. You wouldn’t want anyone posting a picture of you online playing dress-up and drinking tea.
  5. Tell an adult if you are being harassed online. This is the most important step to take when being bullied online.

How not to be a bully:

  1. Do not post or message mean and nasty things to people. This includes words that degrade others in anyway. Before you post it, think to yourself “How would I feel if someone posted this to me?”
  2. Do not encourage mean behavior online. This only provides fuel for the flames. Instead, stand up for those who are being bullied (this does not mean to name call the bully… that will only make things worse).
  3. If you have embarrassing pictures or videos of people, don’t post them. It may seem hilarious and something worth posting, but it can also hurt the person or people in the picture.
  4. If you wouldn’t say it offline, don’t say it online.


Before you post something, think about the consequences that could happen. After you post, will you become a bully or a victim?

Ban Those Words!

Well, the list for 2014’s banned words list went up. It includes words like “twerking” and “hashtag”. Thank God!

I can’t even tell you how much I have heard these words on a daily basis… It’s like, “Okay, I get it already. You’re on twitter and you like to dance”. But seriously, these words are getting too redundant and, to be honest, a little annoying.

There aren’t many words that I didn’t see on list that should go but there is one that word that I hate the most when it’s used.

That word is “gay”.

The original meaning of “gay” (back during the times of Charles Dickens) is “happy, showing a merry, lively mood”. Thank you for explaining this to me, but I had to go down to option number two to find this definition.

Today, “gay” is thrown around like mud. It’s used to defile and tear down. How many times a day do you hear the term “that’s so gay” or “you’re so gay”? I bet it’s pretty often. I personally can’t seem to get away from it. Even at home my kid brother uses the term.

The term is also destructive. I personally know kids who are gay or bisexual. With that in mind, I take into account just how hurtful that can be to them.

So unless if you’re going to use the word right, please don’t use it at all.

Another word, or acronym, that should be banned if not used correctly is PIN number.

PIN stands for personal identification number. What people tend to say is PIN number. So does it make sense to reuse the word ‘number’ twice?

“Please enter the correct personal identification number number please.”

It sounds a little redundant to me. So please, next time you go to the bank, enter your PIN, not your PIN number.

Let’s hope these words die out soon. It would be for the best.

Here’s the link to the list if you want to check out the rest of words.

Have a great day! 🙂

Resolutions vs Goals

On the day we came back from break, my English teacher had an assignment on the board.

                Do you participate in New Year’s resolutions? Why or why not? If so, what would they be?

A few years ago I came to the realization that I never fulfill my New Year’s resolutions and I don’t see myself ever doing so in the future. So, in my opinion, creating a New Year’s resolution is a joke. And why do you have to wait until the new year to change yourself? You don’t have to wait in order to change yourself.

Pretty much what I’m saying is I don’t create resolutions. Resolutions tend to be hard to follow through with and even if they aren’t, people lose interest but day two. Plus, they tend to be impossible to do. For example, wanting to go to the gym four times a week for three hours may seem like an attainable goal, but let’s be honest. The only way you’re going to the gym that many times a week is either A. You have a gym in your basement B. You are pretty dedicated or C. You have no life. And in the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!”

Goals, on the other hand, are a whole different concept. They are easier to acquire and I personally feel like they are easier to accomplish . Instead of going to the gym four days a week for three hours, start small and go to the gym for two days for two hours. If you find that you have extra time on your hands, then day another day or another hour. By starting small, you set a realistic goal for yourself and it will be easier for you to follow through.

So this year my teacher made us create a resolution whether we believe in it or not. So I created one. My New Year’s “resolution” for the year 2014 is to read at least one book a month. I decided instead of increasing muscle mass, I would be increasing brain knowledge. I mean it would be nice to workout at the gym and get in shape, but I don’t really have time for that with AP classes, college essays, and work on my schedule. So I’ll keep that on the back burner until something opens up. But until then, I’ll create my goals and keep them.

Happy New Year!

It’s All Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Whimey.

I finally did it!! I finally made time out of my busy schedule to watch the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who!


 I can’t even tell you how much I fangirled over the fact that BOTH Matt Smith and David Tennant were on the screen…AT THE SAME TIME. I couldn’t contain myself! I squealed like a little five year old girl when Smith fell through the wormhole, landing only a few feet away from Tenny himself. Like, OH MY GOSH!!! And the way Steven Moffat (the writer of this one particular episode and the owner of my life) had David Tennant get married to Elizabeth the first, linking to a previous episode where he meets Elizabeth at the first performance of Macbeth and orders for his execution (now it makes sense!) , was pure genius.

I love how Moffat also incorporated all the Doctors up to date, including the newest Doctor, Peter Capaldi. It united the Doctors from the older seasons with the Doctors from the newer seasons… And it gave me the feels like you wouldn’t believe. With all the Doctors working together to save Gallifrey from total destruction, it gave me something to look forward to.

I’m looking forward to the next season starting up again with Capaldi as the new Doctor. I really am going to miss Matt but I don’t think this transition will be as painful as it previously was with Tennant, who was the first Doctor I ever saw. And Capaldi has had some experience with the Doctor, as he was in an episode where Pompeii was about to be engulfed in ash and flame.

Other than the inevitable regeneration of the Doctor, I’m looking forward to seeing the new adventures Capaldi is going to have, whether it’s saving planets or marrying future queens.